How to Get Your Pool Ready For The Summer

cleaning poolPeople spend most of their summer time near pools. You can join your family members to swim or even hold a pool party. During other seasons such as winter, the pool will remain closed most of the time. You need to get the pool ready for summer so that you can start enjoying the swimming adventure. There are different things you should do so that you can get the pool ready. The ph of the water should be balanced as well as removing all dirt from the water. If there are a lot of leaves at the bottom of the pool, then you may be forced to drain all water and remove the dirt before you refill the pool.

Tips on how to get your pool reader for summer

Clean It Up

The first step you should take when preparing your pool for summer is to clean it up. Remove different parts of the pool such as the filtration system, baskets, and plugs so that you can clean all dirt which has developed. If there is debris on the pool, you can use a skimmer to remove them. You can do the job on your own or even hire a professional to help you clean the pool.

Top It Off

If the water level went low during the winter months, then you need to top it up before you can get ready to swim. The filter should be kept clean before you turn it on so that it can remove any impurities from water before it can enter the pool. If you have a sand filter, it should be in place so that it can trap the dust particles from the water.

Have a Pro Test Your Water

For you to know whether you have the correct ph balance for the water, you need professionals who can test the water ph. If you have the tools, you can as well check the water on your own so that you can know the amount of chemicals you should add to attain the right water ph. You can take a small sample of water and take to your nearest swimming pool store where they will test it and recommend the right chemicals you can buy to achieve the correct alkalinity and chlorine levels.

Balance Your Chemicals

pool maintenanceAfter you carry out professional water chemical test, then you need to balance the chemicals. If you have ph levels between 7.2 and 7.4, then you need to add soda ash so that you can lower the acidity of the water. The professional analysis of the water chemicals will offer you the best opportunity to know chemicals which you can buy to correct the ph of the water.

Maintain the swimming pool clean

After you have cleaned the swimming pool and balanced the ph, then you need to wait for the water to clear and maintain it clean so that you can enjoy swimming. It is necessary for you to cover the pool when it is not in use so that you can avoid falling of leaves and other debris which can lead to making the pool dirty.


Pools and Spas Offer Great Indulgence for Fitness and Fun

There’s no greater indulgence than a backyard aquatic facility that you can enjoy on a warm summer day or for your health and wellness purposes. Whether you’re thinking of installing a pool or a spa, the good news is you can have both by having a combination swimming facility built right on your own premises. Combination of pools and spas come in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes, so you can build a customized one that fits your functional and aesthetic needs.


Should you opt for an inground or above ground pools and spas, your decision boils down to whether you would want something that’s permanent or just a temporary fixture? Your financial capacity is also another thing that would be your basis for your final choice. If you’re contemplating on installing inground, it is also beneficial to determine first what type of design should you go for taking into account how you and your family will be using the spa pool. Most people use theirs to swim laps and diving practice; some frequently use theirs for aquatic exercises hence you have to envision that a spa pool combination is very much like the traditional swimming pool that’s had deep and shallow ends. The difference is that if you want to build a combination pool, you will have to spend more for the additional water features that need to be installed to your swimming facility for you to use it completely like jet water propulsion and other gadgetries usually attached to spas.

Most spa pools are built with shallow ends. Pool and spa designers always choose to create an L-shaped design, so both adults and especially children have a haven.Within on your budget, you can opt to build your spa pool from concrete, fiberglass or vinyl-liner inground swimming facility.

Concrete spa pools are the most common and preferred because they can be customized about a client’s specific desires and requirements. Concrete pools are highly resistant to very high temperature and are the best water facility design for areas with expansive soil. This type of spa pool is constructed in stages, so if you chose to build one expect it to be completed in 12-16 weeks.

poolIf you are on a limited budget, you may pick a fiberglass spa pool that is factory-manufactured and can be installed in one piece after the area where you intend to place it has been excavated. The entire installation process can be very fast which usually takes just about two weeks. These spa pool types are a breeze to maintain compared to concrete types. They also have a shock-absorbing property that may be valuable for earthquake-prone areas. If you choose this type, it requires the smaller quantity of chemicals, and you won’t have to worry about old plaster falling off, so you save money in the long run.

Vinyl liner pools and spas are excellent in regions with colder climates, and they can be constructed in as short as three weeks. Whichever type and design your taste is leaning to make sure that you maximize your desired scheme with some extra elements to add equipment that you require for your fitness purposes as well as add a wow factor to your investment.

if you are looking to add a pool or spa anytime soon you may consider to attend some trade shows where you can get feel for what pool would be best for you and your family. Here are some shows where you can expect to see companies exhibiting their products and services at https://poolspapatio.com/ and http://poolindustryexpo.com/. At the shows you should see new products types and accessories products. Just weed your way through the fancy trade show display stands to find the products and services you are looking for.


How to go green with your swimming pool maintenance

With the inconsistent climatic patterns we see today, it has become quite clear that we need to consider the impact we have on the environment. By taking another approach towards pool maintenance, you have the opportunity to make a substantial difference.

How to go green with your swimming pool maintenance

There are many ways to go green when it comes to pool maintenance, some of which include:


Install a pump

Like most households appliances, pumps are now being designed to be more energy efficient. In fact, you should look for the Applied Research Laboratories stamp when buying your pump to ascertain that it meets the U.S criteria for energy saving.

Since they come in a wide range of speed models, you can turn the motor down for normal daily use, or turn it for shorter and more intense cleanings. Purchasing a timer for both your filter and pump will ensure that they only run when necessary.

Go Solar

Switching from propane, natural gas, or electric heaters to solar energy not only saves you cash, but is also helps to protect the environment. According to research, a single pool can emit 3 to 10 tons of carbon dioxide every swimming season. You can help to bring down these astonishing figures by turning to solar powered heaters.

Cover it up

If you feel that that installing a solar heating system will be too daunting or costly, you can opt for a solar cover for your pool. Not only will it heat the water, it will also help to reduce the need for chemicals and lower evaporation by as much as 95%. Having a solar cover also means that you will be able to keep out debris, resulting in less maintenance costs and more time in the water. However, remember to use a cover that can be pulled on and off manually, either with the help of a reel or by hand. This is because automatic and semi-automatic covers rely on electrical motors, thereby defeating the idea of energy saving.

Salt water pools

When you spend a lot of time in a chlorine pool, you will most likely emerge with green hair, red eyes, and itchy skin. In fact, recent findings have shown that a link exists between regular swimming in a chlorine pool and the development of asthma in small children, but studies are still going on. To deal with this issue, you should consider switching to a salt water pool. The absence of chemicals will mean fewer repercussions on the skins, a naturally clean pool, absence of any algae, and less maintenance costs for you.

A robotic pool cleaner

Most pool owners rely on bulky vacuums with cords that can easily get entangled. A robotic pool cleaner moves around your pool cleaning the water. This reduces the workload placed on your filter and pump. Some of the models available today are so advanced that they can detect surface areas in need of cleaning.

Going green with your pool maintenance requirements may sound a bit intimidating; however, the variety of options available makes it fairly easy for anyone to do. Energy savings and reduced chemicals can be seen in all aspects of the society, so why not with pool maintenance methods.